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Top 8 Bini Maloi Fashion Moments, Proving She’s The Next Style Star

May 6, 2024

May 6, 2024

2024 has been a groundbreaking year for the P-Pop group BINI, with their chart-topping hits and viral dance challenges taking...

BINI ‘Grand Pantropiko’ Crochet Outfits: Where to Buy Similar Crocheted Clothes on Instagram

May 3, 2024

May 3, 2024 1

Crocheting, a “quarantine hobby” turned into a dynamic, rainbow-colored craft showcasing creative resilience. BINI, a popular P-Pop girl group, celebrated...

After Hitting 2M Listeners, BINI Now Reigns as Top-Streamed P-Pop Group on Spotify!

April 5, 2024

April 5, 2024

The ‘Pantropiko’ hitmaker BINI now dethrones SB19 as the most streamed P-pop group on Spotify. From TikTok to Facebook to...