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 ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’: Top Animal Welfare Foundations To Support

May 17, 2024

May 17, 2024

In the Philippines, the sight of stray animals wandering the streets is a common yet heart-wrenching reality. People leave these animals on their own to face tough conditions like hunger, illness, and mistreatment. Protecting these vulnerable animals has become a vital mission for many. 

With the recent misfortunes faced by Killua (golden retriever), and Erika (aspin), there is a need to advocate for better protection of these innocent animals.

The Animal Welfare Act of 1998 safeguards animal welfare in the Philippines. It forbids cruel actions against animals—including abuse, torture, killing, and neglect, and also oversees sales, transportation, and treatment of animals to ensure their well-being. Violators of this law may face penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Addressing the plight of stray animals requires not only strict enforcement of existing laws but also support for initiatives aimed at improving their lives. By showing kindness and taking responsibility, communities can make a big difference. 

Thus, the advocacy of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop,’ which PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) drafted as Republic Act 8485, goes a long way in finding strays better homes through adoption programs.

Volunteers have formed welfare foundations and groups across the country to create a safer environment for animals. Here are some of them:

1. PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society)
PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society)

PAWS is a volunteer-based animal welfare NGO. Their mission is to educate and disseminate information concerning animal welfare, animal care, animal control, and other animal-related concerns. They are committed to eliminating the problem of overpopulated strays at the root by neutering (‘kapon’).

PAWS actively campaigns against animal cruelty and pet neglect, such as dogfights, horse fights, and using wild animals for entertainment.

They have their own Paws Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) which shelters over 300 cats and dogs rescued from abuse or neglect. You can donate online through their official pages or in-kind. And, if you’re looking to adopt, you can submit an application and meet their shelter animals in person. You can help these animals find new homes and a second chance at a good life.

2. SWS (Strays Worth Saving)

Strays Worth Saving (SWS) is a nonprofit organization that aims to rescue and help stray animals, especially those in pain and in need of immediate vetting. They are actively giving updates about their rescued strays through their official Facebook and Instagram accounts for transparency. Likewise, they are also asking for humble donations to feed their sheltered cats and dogs; a little amount of 10 PHP to 50 PHP can go a long way. 

They are also looking for adopters to provide homes for their rescued strays in order to keep rescuing more. You can message their official SWS pages if you are interested.

Pawssion Project sells merchandise, such as shirts, mugs, tote bags, and stickers. You can find and purchase their products on their official Shopee page. All proceeds go towards building a temporary home for SWS rescues. The temporary home will be a waiting place for their forever homes.

3. Pawssion Project
Pawssion Project

Malou Perez founded this nonprofit organization in October 2018 to save dogs on death row from being killed by gunshot.

Pawssion Project Foundation began in Bacolod with hope, bravery, and support from friends. It focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused and neglected animals. After their first rescue from a pound, they received many distress calls. In 2019, they opened a second shelter in Bulacan. Pawssion Project has rescued over 2000 animals and rehomed more than 1000.

They currently have shelters in Bacolod City and SJDM, Bulacan, which currently houses over 600 rescued dogs and cats. Their rescues are fully vaccinated, spayed & neutered and fed 2 times a day.

You can visit their shelters for visiting, donating, or adopting rescues every Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM to 5PM.

4. Animal Kingdom Foundation
Animal Kingdom Foundation

Animal Kingdom Foundation was founded in 2002 by Charles Leslie Wartenberg. He discovered the widespread dog meat trade in the Philippines. The foundation rescues dogs from slaughter and holds those responsible accountable. They have conducted numerous raids and interceptions, saving thousands of dogs.

AKF partnered with the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Animal Industry – Animal Welfare Division (BAI – AWD), and National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) to enforce laws against animal cruelty, especially against the dog meat trade. 

To provide shelter for the rescued dogs who were once bound for slaughter, AKF put up a rescue and rehabilitation center in Capas, Tarlac. Here, their medical needs are given and they are rehabilitated until they’re ready to be adopted by their new family. 

Today, AKF is one of the most respected animal welfare NGO in the country working and campaigning not only on the welfare and protection of companion animals but of farm animals as well. You can donate, sponsor, adopt, or even join their volunteer team and take part in their animal rescue.

5. Hound Haven Philippines

Hound Haven’s mission differs from others: it prioritizes the lives of K-9 Working Dogs in the Philippines. The organization aims to improve and advocate for their welfare.

They aim to influence public policy and replicate Robby’s Law (United States of America H.R. 5314) in the country, which promotes the transfer and adoption of working dogs at the end of their service. 

Working dogs serve humans for 8-15 years, but there’s no retirement policy for MWDs in the Philippines. Hound Haven is the first organization advocating for this cause.

In the Retirement and Rehabilitation Center, retired MWDs and CWDs learn socialization skills. “Graduates” are put up for adoption to enjoy a loving family for the rest of their days. A medal can’t replace the comfort of home and family love for a man’s best friend.

You can visit their website and official Facebook page to donate, sponsor, adopt, and even volunteer in helping the team fulfill their advocacy for these beloved animals. You may also find their dogs’ rescue stories upon checking their page. 

Aside from these mentioned foundations, there are still a lot of other animal welfare organizations out there in need of support, and the best thing we can do is support their initiatives and promote responsible pet ownership. 

From rescuing strays to rehabilitating retired working dogs, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of countless animals, ensuring they receive the love, care, and respect they deserve.

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