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Spice Up Your Playlist with These Underrated OPM Acts

August 30, 2023

August 30, 2023 1
These artists may not have garnered billions of streams yet, but they possess a unique and authentic charm that’s sure to captivate your heart.

In an age where mainstream music often takes center stage, there’s a hidden realm of music gems that await to be explored—a realm with fresh beats and undiscovered talents. If you want to spice up your everyday playlist, why not consider celebrating the soul of your community?

Not only do OPM songs offer a genuine connection to culture, emotions, and stories close to home, but local Filipino artists are undoubtedly gifted with charm to weave narratives that resonate with shared experiences and cherished memories.

Dive Into Local Rhythms: Underrated OPM Artists That You Should Add to Your Playlist

Listen to the secret language of your generation and be the first to discover the next big thing in the music scene. From indie to pop, rock, and everything else in between, here are some of the OPM acts that will definitely add a vibe to your playlist.


Hailing from Davao, these powerful rapper-producers will give you those hard-hitting bass lines that will reverberate through your veins—with lyrics that paint vivid stories of urban jungle. The quintet from the southern part of the country is already established artists, making waves in the R&B and hip-hop scenes.Bringing in the personality and catchy tracks of Impreso, Luke April, Wave P, Ven Villariza, and DJ PUHKEN, PLAYERTWO’s tracks made waves in Spotify and TikTok—and was even featured in a vlog by personality Cong TV, which has amassed millions of views already!

Check out the impressive beats of PLAYERTWO’s debut album HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL.1 now!

2. Halina

If you haven’t heard of Kwarto Waltz, then you’re in for a mind-bending journey through a genre-blurring alchemy of traditional rhythms and solid gold artistry. Halina offers a sonic adventure that captures psychedelic pop with soothing melodies.

Guided by the musical prowess of Divino Dayacap, a blend of acoustic and electric instruments, their track creates a fusion of baroque and folk-pop, beckoning you to immerse yourself in its rhythm and groove. Don’t miss the chance to listen—tune in here.


Elevate your playlist with the addition of HUNYO, an emerging alternative rock sensation that demands a spot at your next listening party. Derived from the nickname and birth month of their vocalist and guitarist, JHUN, the band has been causing a stir across the airwaves and even securing appearances on notable television programs.

HUNYO’s music is a testament to their distinctive style and exceptional musical prowess—a blend characterized by commanding vocals, pulsating rhythms, and of course, hair-raising guitar riffs. Tracks like Sugal, LQ, Alam Ko Na, and Show Me Your Smile showcase their creative range and undeniable energy.Don’t miss out—immerse yourself in the electrifying sounds of HUNYO. Tune in here!


Introducing DENY, a fresh and captivating presence in the dynamic OPM scene. As a self-taught singer-songwriter, DENY has quickly risen to prominence, amassing an astonishing record of streams, notably with her smash hit Gusto With Ya. Drawing inspiration from BTS, this contemporary R&B luminary weaves together velvety-smooth beats that invite you to move in harmony with her music.

DENY’s star continues to ascend, evident from her recent inclusion in Spotify RADAR’s esteemed lineup of Philippine artists. Beyond her solo ventures, she has seamlessly collaborated with fellow Filipino R&B and hip-hop talents like Just Hush, Third Flo, and Cean Jr., resulting in tracks like Alam Ko Na and Still Miss You that effortlessly blend heartfelt emotions and rhythm. So far, she has crafted eight soul-satisfying singles that you can listen to here.

5. Kenaniah

Under the wing of former Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano of O/C Records, the 17-year-old music prodigy has swooned the industry with his endearing pop-rock melodies. A virtuoso across multiple instruments, Kenaniah’s talent shines through in every note he plays—with singles Hindi Ikaw and Bahala Na crossing the million-listen mark since their release. His ability to infuse heartfelt emotions into his music is nothing short of remarkable—and his journey has just begun. Give him a listen here.

Any other artist you’ve recently stumbled upon and can’t stop listening to? Share them with us and let’s keep the music magic and rhythm of discovery alive!

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